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Datarino creates unique, data-centered productsdata-centered productsground-breaking solutionsground-breaking solutionscutting-edge appscutting-edge apps.

Regardless of their market placement, together they form an interlinked ecosystem focused on aggregating consumer insights and translating them into the business advantage.

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Send your ad to customers who are most likely to buy your product

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Cluify is a state-of-the-art marketing platform which helps business owners reach potential customers effectively. With just several clicks in our online panel, advertisers select places visited by their potential customers and send them tailor-made ads. Real-life behavior becomes the advantage.


The app that simply knows everybody. AI caller ID App, which helps users identify unknown numbers.

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Everybody uses machine learning and “wisdom of the crowd” technologies which operate on the information gathered from users’ contacts and information available online. This enables creating graphs which show how users interlink. For businesses this is knowledge is profound as it can provide reliable scoring intelligence.


We want to change laborious, long-lasting mechanisms by delivering reliable data about Clients in a friendly form

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By aggregating and analysis of mortgage, vat and business registries, datarino.financial improves the flow of economic information and helps prevent financial frauds, accelerate processes of financial institutions.


In-house mobile game and app studio, created to fill the “wish there was an app for this” gap.

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Our goal is to create games to meet the ever-changing, ever- developing needs of our users. That’s how the first-of-a-kind app to share little annoyances in life, an intelligent caller id app, or the game that “you have an ear for” to succeed. This approach makes our apps an integral part of customer’s day-to-day life. And there’s so much more...