Big Data - Analysis, knowledge, inspiration,

all we take care of


We share knowledge on how to manage data to obtain added value for an organization.

Data integration

  • We verify data sources owned by a client, particularly those thought to have little value;
  • We enrich data with tools needed for its migration.

Data acquisition

We provide organizations with previously unavailable, extensive external data sets that develop their businesses.

Data analytics

We have the Data Scientists Department which has been conducting extensive analyses on data sets for several years.

The Big Data Repository

Creating databases, their implementation and management are one of the pillars of our business. The biggest advantage of a data warehouse is an unlimited amount of collected and analysed information.

We speed up the growth of all kinds of organizations

Big Data revolutionizes the way you manage your organization, regardless of your industry, specialization, size of the company or its areas of business.


Big Data benefits

Why Datarino?


We know how to manage data in order to uncover its hidden added value.

We gather information and analyze collections of data in order to pass on the knowledge of how to manage your organization more effectively. We provide information that influences both internal processes and external business operations connected to, among others, relations with clients and product management.

No license-related costs

We offer analytical tools that are free of license-related costs. Our main rule is to keep procedures to the minimum, and maximize the effects of implementation.


Our team has created one of the biggest data warehouses in Poland. In our portfolio you can find international projects for clients from such industries as bank or automotive sector.

Newest technologies

Do you feel like a great amount of data always equaled Hadoop? That's fine. It is a solid technology, but the true Data Scientist must always be one step ahead. In Datarino we are faster than light. We execute processes based on the newest technologies. Scala, Spark, Kafka, Aerospike - that's the power.


Creating our tools, we focus most of our attention on one key goal: to make these tools usable. That is why we offer solutions in the cloud. Automatic data synchronization allows us to access databases from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Comprehensive knowledge

We specialize in working with multiple technologies, which allows us to be independent from any software provider. Hadoop ecosystem and Pentaho open source solution are our biggest advantages.


We believe that effective cooperation can be built only on partnership relations. We focus on enabling efficient and unlimited activity. The newest technologies are our piece of cake, but they do not define the direction of our development. We analyze our clients' needs and, on this basis, choose the best technologies and methods that meet project criteria.


Datarino is formed by true-born Data Geeks. We get new information on Big Data for breakfast, and then, at coffee break, we share a bit of news on new technologies. We are always there at industry conferences, analytics-related meetings - we won't miss any reference to Big Data made even when we take a lift.


Let's talk! :)

Our clients

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Case Studies

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