Big Data
in banking

Effective use of Big Data is a guarantee of increased efficiency in each area associated with the functioning of financial institutions. There are many analytical solutions and tools which, when selected properly, based on the pursued objective, repay in the form of knowledge that affects the bank''s development.

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Goal: enriching the banks of the data source held by the Datarino company

We've learned a lot about our banking customers' needs - the most important of them are:

Increase performance of finding new customers
Speed up procedures related with finding new contractors
Streamline verification of entities
Optimize the update process of their clients'' data
Offer valuable data to clients, enabling their businesses development

Our solution: data sources acqusition

The development of services of financial institutions using Big Data is possible, among others, through acquisition of valuable data sources. Their proper integration and advanced analyses allow for accumulating unique knowledge that affects the future of the institution.

Bearing in mind the bank''s needs, we select the most optimal range of services:

  • Provide bank with continuously updated database of national entities (including companies and associations) and tenders.
  • Obtaining external data sources, e.g. Database of National Court Register; REGON Database kept by the Polish Central Statistical; Database of Tenders.
  • Additionally, data provided to the client, combined from several sources, allows to build a complete diagram of connections between entities and their representing persons.

The implementation includes also:

Performing the OCR of selected documents

Cleansing and ordering all data

Anonymised all data

Implementing a solution that keeps out database updated

Allowing easy expansion of databases

Preparing mechanisms that would guarantee protection for sites with data sources

Opportunities to develop similar services in the field of Big Data for financial institutions are endless. We can systematically increase the number of supplied data sources or qualitatively enrich the already delivered content.

What are the main benefits of implementing Big Data services in financial institutions?

Complete clients'' data

Check capital-based and personal relations between individual entities

Successfully perform economic review

Detect disclose incidents of unreliability in repaying debts

Creating personalized offers

Win contracts for the clients and gain new clients as a result

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